One thing I learned about working in fashion and doing a degree in fashion business was that research is incredibly important. Noone just slaps together a collection and hopes for the best when the models walk down the runway to showcase a random epiphany. No. There is usually a team of people, if not the designers themselves, who spend an entire season preparing and planning. One of these crucial elements is deciding on the color palette.

Can something as simple as choosing a color palette make or break your clothing collection? Absolutely. Which is why it is important to stay in touch with what is relevant.

The million dollar question: “How do I know what colors will be popular in the coming seasons?”
Answer: Trend forecasting agencies.

Companies, such as WGSN, invest large amounts of money and time doing research on answering these crucial questions.

Colour has come to dominate many industries and when it comes to trend forecasting this is no different. Picking the hues which are going to be key two years ahead of season contributes massively to the overall product design process – influencing fashion, textile, technology, and interior development.

Joanne Thomas at WGSN

WGSN has recently released five key colors that will influence the industry in Spring/Summer 2021:

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