Millennial’s are hitting their thirties but shopping like it’s 1999.


They are buying nostalgia: Millennials are reminiscing a time when they felt good and didn’t have to “adult”.

Toy Story 4 is about to hit cinemas, Janet Jackson performed at Glastonbury and bucket hats are back. With sky-high rents, social anxieties and student debt it’s no wonder Millennials want to buy back their youth. There is a demand for accessories that are inspired by our childhoods.

Charlotte Yau, from EDITED

The fashion trends that have made a comeback are normcore, chunky sneakers, tie-dye, camo print, butterfly clips, fanny packs, and scrunchies.

For Millennials, there is an emotional attachment to all these items because they’ve grown up with them. But Gen-Z is also lapping up the trend and enjoy nostalgic items that were once worn by their older siblings.

The 90s trend will continue to spike fashion sales in 2019 as retailers look to stock anything that sports a walk down memory lane.